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Herbert Ammons IBMYP Program

The Purpose of the Portfolio

With the fact that every school has a responsibility to maintain evidence of students’ learning, the Herbert A. Ammons Middle School Portfolio acts a source for collecting, recording and storing the evidence. It is particularly important that the children, right from the very beginning, understand the purpose and value of their portfolio. We want them to understand that this is an on-going, working document that is specifically used to document their learning, progress, accomplishments and challenges. It is more than simply a task to be completed at the end of every school year. Equally important, is the children’s understanding that they are very much a part the building of this document. Their choice and voice is tantamount to the fidelity of the content.
Our Aim for the Portfolio is to:

• Celebrate the child and their journey through the MYP

• Enable the child’s voice and choice

• Give the children a sense of ownership of their learning

• Give the children space to reflect on their learning

• Provide a place for the children to monitor and record their progress

• Show the progressive development of their ATL skills and Learner Profile

• Showcase evidence of their learning and conceptual understanding over time

• Share the children’s work with their learning community- teachers, specialists, family and peers

Digital Portfolio Documents (.jpg)

Completed reflection form samples are at the bottom of this page

Click image to get downloadable copy for your portfolio

Printable Portfolio Documents (.pdf)

Examples: Completed Reflection Forms w/ Work Sample

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