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Admissions Information

Accepting A Seat

  • Magnet Lottery Results available March 15th.
  • Parents MUST log into the Magnet Application System via the M-DCPS Parent Portal to view and accept these offers.
  • Parents MUST use the same Google or Apple ID that was used during the application process, as this is the account linked to their child's application and results.
  • Once you accept via the M-DCPS Parent Portal, you will be receiving a follow up email, within a day or two, which contains the link for you to use to sign all digital paperwork for admission into Herbert A. Ammons Middle School (2024-2025 Declaration of Acceptance and Magnet Student Enrollment paperwork).
  • This final step (completing the 2024-2025 Declaration of Acceptance and Magnet Student Enrollment paperwork) is the MOST IMPORTANT STEP. Without the digital paperwork signed your child CAN NOT BE ENROLLED as a student at Ammons Middle School.
  • For further questions email 

How to Apply

  • Ammons is a Magnet School of MDCPS and students must apply during the application window in the Fall of the year prior to the year that they hope to attend. This begins October 1 and ends January 15th.
  • Applications are subject to a random lottery drawing.
  • Parents will be notified of acceptance in Mid-March (March 15th).
All applications will be processed exclusively through the MDCPS Parent Portal.
  • Click the RED BUTTON below for further instructions on how to apply
  • Click the "APPLY! MAGNET SCHOOLS Learn More" to apply for Ammons Middle School
*** The lottery process is not based on a first-come, first-serve basis, therefore submission dates do NOT affect or improve your random selection results.

Eligibility Requirements

• Students may apply for 6th and 7th grade only.
• Students may have one area of weakness and still be a qualified applicant. Having two areas of weakness defers the applicant, who may apply again for admission in 7th grade.

Grade Requirements

• Academic grade of “C” or higher in all subjects
• Effort scores of 1 or 2 only, no 3’s
• Conduct grade of “C” or above in all subjects
• More than 10 absences per school year will be reviewed on an individual basis
• Two or more conduct referrals are reviewed on an individual basis
• Grades are evaluated from current and previous years

Eligibility Justification

• All secondary International Baccalaureate programs have minimum eligibility requirements due to the high expectations and rigor of the Middle Years and Diploma Programs


  • Applications are due January 15th at 11:59pm
  • Response letters go out electronically in March 15th. 
  • If accepted, there is a two week deadline to inform the school of acceptance AND come in to Ammons Middle School to SIGN THE DECLARATION OF ACCEPTANCE AND COMPLETE YOUR CHILD'S REGISTRATION PAPERWORK!!!
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