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Why Choose IB

Who Can Participate in IB? Students Who Are…
Seeking Greater Academic and Extracurricular Challenges
Determined and Self-Motivated
Willing to Work Hard
Thinkers and Curious
Why choose IB?
IB is regarded as the most rigorous curriculum in MDCPS and a rigorous curriculum is one of the things high schools and colleges look for on a transcript.
IB Advantages
Internationally Recognized Academic Program
Promotes Academic Preparedness and Creates Well-Rounded Students
Promotes Global and Cultural Awareness
Raises Standards of the Whole School
Intellectual Rigor and High Academic Standards
Cohesive, Standardized, and Diverse Curriculum
College Recognition
IB Students are More Likely to be Accepted into College, Including Selective Colleges.
The average acceptance rate of IB students into university/college is 22% higher than the average acceptance rate of the total population.
The acceptance rate of IB students into Ivy League institutions is between 3% and 13% higher compared to the total population acceptance rate.
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