Principal: Maria Costa

Assistant Principals: Maria Masso & Francisco Sauri

Magnet Lead Teacher / IB Coordinator: David Wilson

Ammons Middle School
International Baccalaureate Program
Honor Code

IB students should be content creators not content imitators.
IB students are principled and act with integrity and honesty.
IB students will not claim as their own the work of others.

Ammons Middle School’s IB Honor Code begins with the belief that every student has the right to pursue an education free from any form of academic dishonesty. The IB course of study is challenging, and while group study and collaboration is both accepted and encouraged, ethical conduct is expected at all times

IB students will exercise academic honesty in all aspects of their work. They will acknowledge the work of others, including material taken from other sources and/or sources used within an assignment. They will not give their work to others to pass off as their own. If you engage in any form of malpractice you may not be eligible for a grade in the subject concerned.

The IB Organization defines malpractice (cheating) as behavior that results in, or may result in, the candidate or any other candidate gaining an unfair advantage in one or more assessment components. Malpractice includes:
      1.    Plagiarism: the representation of the ideas or work of another person as the candidate’s own.
      2.    Collusion: supporting malpractice by another candidate, as in allowing one’s work to be copied or submitted for   

             assessment by another.
      3.    Duplication of work: the presentation of the same work for different assessment components and/or IB diploma

      4.    Misconduct: Any other behavior that gains an unfair advantage for a candidate or that affects the results of another

             candidate (for example, taking unauthorized material into an examination room, misconduct during an examination,

             falsifying a CAS record, disclosure of information to and receipt of information from candidates about the content of an

             examination paper within 24 hours after a written examination).

Do it right, remember to cite! Give credit where credit is due!

As an IB student at Ammons Middle School I shall be honor bound to refrain from malpractice (cheating) of any kind. I shall be honor bound to take actions to stop any and all violations of this Honor Code that I see, hear, and/or am aware of.  Such actions include speaking directly to the offender, speaking privately to a teacher, and/or notifying the IB Coordinator.  Inaction implies condoning inappropriate behavior.  I understand that breaches from the Honor Code may result in my removal from Ammons Middle School’s International Baccalaureate Program. Violations of the Honor Code will be handled in accordance with written teacher policy and/or school and program policy and considered a disciplinary matter to be generally handled as follows:
1st offense: Written referral, parent contact, and conference with appropriate school personnel.
2nd offense: If it occurs in the same class, recommendation for dismissal from the IB Program AND withdrawal from the class with an “F”.
If it occurs in another class, recommendation for dismissal from the IB Program.
Academic Dishonesty

In any case that a student in the IB Program has participated and/or been caught in academic dishonesty, the student may be summarily dismissed from the IB program. This may include but is not limited to copying homework, cheating on a test, sharing answers, or plagiarizing.
IB students must adhere to Herbert Ammons Middle School IB Honor Code.
Some material for this handout is taken from IB publications, including the Academic Honesty Booklet, the Academic Honesty Flyer, and the Ethical Practice Poster.